Tribal Costumes & Textiles . Ethnic Silver Jewelry . Yao Ceremonial Paintings & Artifacts

Visit this unique gallery and take a step back into a time when our early ancestors lived off the land, their resplendent cultures thrived despite an often difficult existence; a time when there was beauty in age-old traditions, beliefs and spirituality. Their distinct tribal identity are evident and expressed through elaborate costumes and exquisite jewellery, their magnificent textiles and diverse religious cult objects. 

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The Lost Heavens 

Room #142, 1st Flr,                 Night Shop
Chiangmai Night Bazaar,
104/1 Changklan Road,
Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand.

Nerng Santad Wadkin  (in Chiangmai) 
 +66 (0) 9 4089 0083 

Goh Simon  (in Singapore) 
 +65 9226 6929 

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